Orchestra / President

Fang Yi

President of Xiamen Philharmonic Orchestra

He is a famous guitar educator, performer, collector and connoisseur in China, currently the president of the Guitar Society of Fujian Musician Association and the Logistics Branch of Foreign Investment Association in Xiamen.


Fang Yi has served as a judge in many important national or international guitar competitions, including Changsha International Guitar Festival, Shenyang Guitar Festival as well as Thailand International Guitar Festival. He is often invited to hold music lectures and classic guitar concerts across the country, including several sessions of the open course of "Philharmonic and Ideology" at the General Education Center of Xiamen University. He is an outstanding guitar educator, whose students have championed in many important national guitar contests.


To advance the music development in China, Fang Yi has organized or co-organized many large-scale national or international guitar or music communication event, such as the popular “Gulangyu Guitar Festival”. He has made great efforts in improving his guitar performance, teaching and theory of composition especially in many trips abroad to learn from and exchange ideas with foreign musicians and composers.


Fang Yi is an expert in appreciation of classical guitars. He is the author of Classical Guitar - Production and Appreciation, which is the first and only monograph on this subject. Additionally, he has established “Guitar Island”, one of the most influential website about classical guitar, on which he has posted extensive papers on guitar performance and education, music appreciation and guitar production and appreciation.


Fang Yi was appointed as the first President of Xiamen Philharmonic Orchestra in March 2016.